Total Knee and Hip Replacement Program    

Grants Pass Surgery Center makes getting Total Knee and Hip Replacement easy and affordable. By scheduling your procedure with us, you’re assured a timely appointment, a comfortable experience and exceptional medical care, without the higher costs of a hospital-based procedure.

Outpatient joint replacement surgery means faster recovery and less pain
Grants Pass Surgery Center stands apart in the field of orthopedic surgery as the only outpatient surgery center in southern Oregon that offers advanced total knee and hip replacement, as well as partial knee replacement. Now, patients can regain mobility and independence faster than ever before.

We have invested significant time and resources to make the GPSC Total Knee and Hip Replacement Program the standard for other orthopedic surgery programs to follow. Our success in performing total and partial joint replacement is based on several factors:

Surgical excellence:
Our board-certified and nationally recognized orthopedic specialists are highly trained and experienced in leading edge treatment options. They’re also great time managers who keep surgeries on schedule and are available at the right time for post-operative monitoring, consultations and care.

Team approach:
Our physicians, anesthesiologists, nurses, therapists and staff work together to ensure seamless transitions, from admission in the morning to discharge at the end of the day.
Advanced anesthesia options. Newer options in spinal, regional and local anesthesia allow us to minimize the use of narcotics. Recovery is generally faster and patients experience less pain in the days following the procedure.

Individualized care:
With a one-to-one nurse/patient ratio, patients receive all the education, comfort and encouragement needed to manage their own care from home. In most cases, you’ll have the same RN, from your pre-op clinic visit through discharge.

Faster recovery:
We get patients up and moving within an hour after surgery is over. Our nurses have been specially trained by physical therapists on exercises and restrictions specific to knee and hip replacements as well as safe walking, climbing stairs and the use of ambulatory aids.
Prearranged post-care. During your pre-op clinic visit, approximately one week before surgery, your nurse will confirm that everything you’re going to need—from admission through discharge and the immediate post-op period at home—is in place. If needed, we will coordinate with your surgeon’s office and physical therapist so you don’t have to worry about anything but arriving on time and recovering.

New, minimally invasive total hip replacement procedure:
With our Hana surgical table, we offer a new and less invasive way to replace your hip. The table assists us during an anterior approach to hip surgery. It positions the body in such a way that we can reach the hip joint easily from the front of the body rather than the side or back. We can use an incision that is less than half the length required by older approaches. More importantly, we can do the procedure without cutting any muscle. This means you’ll have healthy muscle to support your new hip joint immediately after surgery.

Our new approach offers our hip patients multiple benefits:

  • Shorter time in surgery
  • Faster recovery time
  • Less pain
  • Reducing your time in the hospital

With outpatient knee and hip joint replacement, you can enjoy recovering in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home, free of hospital germs and annoying light and noise.

In more severe cases where patients may require an overnight stay at GPSC, we offer luxury suites for maximum comfort.

Leading edge arthroscopic procedures
When you don’t need total joint replacement, GPSC also offers knee and hip arthroscopy to repair damaged ligaments or cartilage.

To learn more about the GPSC Total Joint Replacement Program, call us at 541-472-4880.