Pediatric Surgery Program

Surgical solutions designed for kids. GPSC created a pediatric surgery program to address the special needs of children and their parents.

We understand how frightening it is to learn your child needs surgery. We also understand how overwhelming the experience can be for your child. That’s why we go beyond excellent medical care to provide you with the education, support and individual attention you need to make your hours or day at GPSC as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

One-on-one attention from our caring staff
Soon after you check in at GPSC, your personal nurse will meet with you, introduce you to our center, respond to any questions or special needs you may have and get your child ready for surgery. From that point on, your child will never be alone. You and your nurse will be by his or her side before and after surgery. During surgery, your nurse will update you with progress reports and then bring you to the recovery room to be there when your child wakes up from sedation.

Your doctor will meet with you to discuss the surgery and go over any post-op instructions. You can expect a follow-up call that evening to make sure your child is recovering comfortably.

Outpatient surgery means no overnight stays
By having surgery at our outpatient center, your child can go home as soon as she’s awake and is able to walk. Our minimally invasive procedures require shorter recovery times than most hospital-based procedures. Also, with new anesthesia options, your child should experience less pain following the procedure.

Pediatric surgery treatment at GPSC
We perform most surgeries that can be done on an outpatient basis, including:

  • Oral surgery — teeth extractions and root canals
  • Myringotomy — insertion of pressure equalization (PE) tubes in the ear
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Hernia repair

If you’d like to learn more about our Pediatric Surgery Program or come in for a tour of our facility, please call us at 541-472-4880.